I'm Nicole.
Sometimes you feel like a nut.
Sometimes you don't.

Act Like You're Brave, And You Will Be


the way she looks at him though. 

broadway’s power couple

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word: FLOWERS show: BIG FISH

and like that moment right between asleep and waking / i thought i saw ten thousand strong / but then i saw your face / i knew beyond mistaking / a million flowers couldn’t stand a chance 

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State Road 21" - The Bridges of Madison County

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It is hard, it is insane, to place one love above another,
But what a choice!
And what a gift!
And what a blessing!

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"Little Bar On Sullivan Street" sung by Jay Armstrong Johnson, Patti Murin, Lauren Blackman, and Colin Hanlon from Next Thing You Know by Joshua Salzman (music) and Ryan Cunningham (book/lyrics).

We meet Waverly (Murin), a bartender, her boyfriend Darren (Hanlon), her best friend Lisa (Blackman), and one of the bar’s usual patrons Luke (Armstrong).

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- Celia just said "I wanna marry Kelli O’Hara". I think everybody wants to marry you.
- Oh thank you. Well I wanna marry Celia Keenan-Bolger too, so that’s good.

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infinite list of lovely humans: celia keenan-bolger

"they talked a lot, in college, how other people’s successes are not your failures and how important it is to take care of the people in the business with you and to be supportive and to try to understand that your career is your own career and comparing yourself to other people will pretty much lead to madness and not fulfillment. that is life’s work, but that is good advice for any career."
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