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Act Like You're Brave, And You Will Be

Corey Cott at Buzzfeed! x

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na na na na na na na na

cathy you get to be happy

na na na na na na na na

i give you unlimited time

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Show Tune Of The Day14th July- Shiksa Goddess-The Last Five Years Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording

 I’d say, “Hey! Hey! Shiksa goddess!
I’ve been waiting for someone like you”

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I knew it was coming. It’s so moist.

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Sutton Foster in Little Women

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sisters forever: little women obc members sutton foster (2000) and megan mcginnis (2007) take on the role of eponine

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"Kate Wetherhead, who plays Sally, sings the hell out of her numbers… With her big eyes and thin, sharp physique, she seems a more driven figure, more addicted to the spotlight."

"There’s Wade McCollum… the 99-percent-fat-free performer who plays the master of ceremonies at the Kit Kat Klub, where the show is set. Along with his impressive singing and dancing chops, he brings a narcissistic carnality to all the groping and crotch-thrusting."

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If you find in the world 
In the wide, wide world 
That someone sees,
That someone knows you 
Love if you can, Oh, my Clara 
Love if you can 
And be loved

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"I never get this close.

I never touch your arm.

And I never do this.”

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2/9 Songs: It All Fades Away

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The Bridges of Madison County ⤻ colour palette
inspired by [x]
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