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Act Like You're Brave, And You Will Be

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3/5 moments you can’t help but repeat: The oooooooohs in Who We Are and Who We Want To Be

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six characters {4/6} ▬ nadia mcconnell, bare

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The important thing about The Last Five Years is that I don’t feel like it’s the show’s job to tell you who’s at fault or what went wrong. It’s just a story that has to be told about two people who weren’t supposed to be together.

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4/10 lyrics: Repetition of "a million miles"
And a million miles between,
the fires she used to set,
the hearts she used to break,
the lies she used to tell
and the woman she grew up to be.
All my life I have been falling, 
into you and I
have just one second
and a million miles to go.
You and I have just one second,
and a million miles to go.

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"Steve and I have known each other for so long. We met really early on, toward the beginning of both of our moves here. So that was easy" … "You get on stage and you can really lose yourself in something because of the trust you have in a person."

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Corey Cott at Buzzfeed! x

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na na na na na na na na

cathy you get to be happy

na na na na na na na na

i give you unlimited time

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